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The Undeclared War

Gediminas Adomaitis appeared in the James Bond films SPECTRE and NO TIME TO DIE. In 2022 he will be in NETFLIX, Channel 4, BBC and Amazon Prime productions.


He has acted in films, plays and television dramas. He has also worked as a television presenter (including live broadcasts) and as a voiceover artist.  He has appeared in music videos and commercials, as well as television interviews.



Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1977, Gediminas is fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian, and has acted in all three languages. He has also had roles in German and French.



Acting is in Gediminas’s blood. His father, the actor Regimantas Adomaitis, and his late mother, Eugenija Bajorytė, an actress and singer, met while filming the Lithuanian classic, Feelings (Jausmai), in 1968.



Gediminas also has experience behind the camera, having worked on documentaries as an interpreter and sound engineer.


He is currently based in London but travels extensively with his work.


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